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How does the process of securing a session with you work? Before, and after the contract?

How are your services different than other photographers?

Do you offer retouching, (skin smoothing, teeth whitening?)

Can we receive the RAW files?

Once you like what you see and like what I'm about, I would love to hear from you! Just follow the link to my contact page and fill out the required information. It'll take maybe 1-3 days to get a response back, and this is generally me getting more information from you. If you would like to move forward, from here we will discuss details and getting a contract with our date set in stone! I do ask for a retainer to reserve your chosen date, which is half of the full cost of your session :-) 

P.s. I love to use smiley faces in emails, I hope you don't mind!

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Well, because I'm different, the first way I'll prove this statement is to choose not to pitch myself like an advertisement. The way I try to find my ideal clients is by being completely myself online, and hope the right clientele is attracted, for that is how I do my best work. I have never liked this question; it makes me feel like I'm being interviewed for a job every week. Let peoples work, reviews and personality speak for themselves, this is how I am different. I am unique in my work approach, that is my favorite way I stand out. I don't offer the cheapest services in town or the best package deal there is, I am simply a woman running a photo business, hoping you reach out.

Yes, photoshop work is a huge part of photography. Not only do I offer skin retouching and teeth whitening, I also offer photoshop work of a cool vision you may have, or one that I may have and give to you as a free-be. These services come at an added price of $120 per hour.

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This is a question I get a lot, and unfortunately I never give permission for my clients to purchase the raw files. The reason for this is because a lot of my artistry comes from the culling and editing process, so it would feel like a writer giving a rough draft of their novel in progress. I always ask for people to respect this rule of mine and let me do great work on your galleries. I promise, I put my all into every single photo I deliver to you.

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